The government, army, and people of Spain have implemented “cleansing” strategies, round-ups, massacres, forced removals, expulsions, and genocide against the Romani people for centuries but they will never stop the legacy. Here, Juana, the mother of Camarón de la Isla:

There is something to be said of the way in which this youtube video was mounted by “sudyma.” The clip opens with a still-image of Juana (and an older Camarón sings to the black and white portrait of his mother. The framing itself suggests that the “llorao”–the “cry” of homage–is an ode to Camarón’s mother, but it is also an homage to the generations of Romani musicians that came before him. The thread is the cry of “ay” and it winds through the great innovators of the tradition.

Sudyma’s frame moves from left to right with Camarón’s call and we are transposed into the voice of his mother, Juana.

As Camarón sings, years later, into the future, he is singing into the past, in honor of the lineage he comes from. The ability to summon the past as it moves into the unpredictable future, or a voice that carries past, present, and future together is duende.

Juana’s song is an echo of Niña de los Peines’ inflections, as she sings “gugurú,” too:

The illustrious line translates into La Paquera, the mothers of the tradition:

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