Struggles to Protect Land in Colombia

PBS did a remarkable job documenting the struggles in Cauca, Colombia, where an Afro-Colombian community continues to battle massive multinational corporations that, backed by the government, have been trying to remove people from their homes for the past decade. It is a civil war. People are being murdered. Look here at the work of brave women warriors in the community who face death threats daily and still fight: PBS Special.

I would like to know what is happening now, January 24th, 2012, and will continue to post on this topic.

It is important to recognize the role of translation in all of this. Though we don’t hear the translators re-shaping meaning during the meetings in the U.S. (towards the end of the video), the role of these invisible intermediaries is crucial. The translation of what is happening in Colombia–from experience to word, and from words in one language into another language–is central to the struggle. It is important to keep these stories from Colombia alive in as many languages as possible. PBS did a remarkable job of carrying the message from one place to another. Lets keep it going so that pressure continues.

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