Cuban Rumba & Salsa Coming Saturday—Boston te espera, Pedrito!

The Pedrito Martínez Group, without a doubt the top Cuban Rumba band we’ve seen in the U.S., will be in the Boston area at Johnny D’s (tickets and address info below) this Saturday, February 27th.

We first saw Pedrito perform at Yale University to honor the great Art Historian and Philosopher, Robert Farris Thompson. That was just after he arrived in New York, around 2009. Later, we’d find him regularly on 8th Avenue in midtown Manhattan, blowing people away each time he took the stand.

On numerous occasions, most recently, we heard Pedrito and his group at SubRosa taking the Afro-Cuban Rumba tradition into new domains, crossing with Salsa and Funk and, at times the group even sounded like Samba de Roda. It’s Guaguancó, Columbia, Yambú, Cuban Salsa, all of it mixed together, and much more:

Expect an incredible night at Johnny D’s from the group that continues to carry the Cuban Rumba forward into new spaces. If you like heavy, percussion-driven music, the sound of Cuba, definitely do not miss this show.

This is not what you will hear at Johnny D’s, but here is an hour-long concert that gives a good sense of Pedrito Martínez’s versatility as a musician:

To bring this deeper into the Sirocco, here Pedrito sings and plays in honor of the great Flamenco singer, Camarón de la Isla:

Tickets info through Johnny D’s (this venue is located just outside of Cambridge):

Saturday, February 27, first set at 7:30 pm, second set at 10:00 pm
Johnny D’s | 17 Holland St., Davis Square, Somerville
Guaranteed seating with dinner reservation
$28 General admission, 21+

For tickets you can contact World Music:
Call 617-876-4275 | Mon.-Fri., 10am-5pm EST


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