Te voy a dar una clase de galleta & a cookie!

I did a recent story (written between English and Spanish)—and by the way it was all made up, nobody fell in love with some volleyball player in Central Park, SiroccoBlue is far too mature for that jajaja—on the use of “I can’t” and “dead” in NYC and other Spanish-speaking cities.

Actually, I did two versions. Yes, NYC is a Spanish-speaking city así que no manches wei (don’t stain? Quién están manchando por aquí?).

The half-joking thesis is that some words in the English language are actually becoming Spanish (bueno, se espera trump-ear el tipo y el inglés one day). By that, I mean that there are some words in English that are referring ‘back’ to Spanish to the extent that they don’t have meaning in English without knowing Spanish. Or do they? The word “dead” actually now means “me muero” and “I can’t” actually means “ay, yo no puedo contigo!” and I try to explain how that happens through the metonymic process of hidden translations. Way too scientific because we are language obsessed, so I found that this video—again thanks to the translator of ‘dead’ and ‘I can’t’ herself—does a much better job! Chequéalo:

So, if I’m right, on sunny 70 degree days at the end of Febuary as NYC’s parque central becomes el Caribe, we’re going to hear nordic European folks who probably don’t speak a word of Spanish saying things in English like “gonna give you a cookie!” and actually be understood—in English—by all present! Espero relatar más usos del español en Spanished English (English españolizado). Please leave examples as comments so I can keep building this back translation dictionary!

And please “Like” (y Likear, claro) the SiroccoBlue Facebook Page so you can see the next stories and linguistic musings! That way you will see the next poem written in Spanished English, a back translation experiment that may open with “I’m staying here”.

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