World Music | Impressions on Rocío Molina, Rosario la Tremendita, Mohammad Motamedi


First, I’d like to extend my thanks to World Music of Boston for the invitation to attend two incredible nights of Flamenco, part of the March Flamenco Festival. This is a brief impression of the performances on March 19th and March 20th featuring Rocío Molina, Rosario la Tremendita, Mohammad Motamedi, and their band members. Followed by the impressions, we’ll start promoting the next groups that are part of what we are calling a Sirocco Aesthetic

Glass smashed upon the stage signaling rupture and a deep driving force into the core of flamenco, embodied in just one of Rocío Molina’s powerful, composed, lightening-fast turns.

Cante Jondo calling into the night in two languages, from two traditions: flamenco’s core find a Persian classical poetry’s celebration home in Al-Andaluz.


Two nights of World Music’s Flamenco Festival: one night of rupture on a broken stage, glass shards razor sharp, a rupture into the future rooted in the Flamenco legacy. One night so rooted in history it became forward looking.

World Music has blessed us with different coordinates of the Sirocco cultural geography, arresting in poetic inspiration, charting new maps for us to follow in this city of water.

From Andalusia to Iran, our next post highlights some of the great talents coming through this season’s World Music windstorm.


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