Sirocco Blue Services

While I develop this blog into a website, please email me at for all inquiries and pricing, please “Like” the SiroccoBlue facebook page, & ask any questions via my Facebook account, Sirocco Azul

Translations (English, Portuguese, Spanish): Translation of creative writing, documents that have cultural or historical significance, documents that have a social justice component, documents for mission-driven nonprofit organizations and NGOs. There is a team of Native-speakers in each language that reviews the translations.

Translation Strategy Consulting: Analysis and description of your organization’s  linguistic identity (what you are communicating as well as how, as a brand) so that the spirit of your communication is easily described to any translation team. Creation of  localized translation strategies in line with this core linguistic identity, management of translation projects, and development of methods to target localized markets with culturally-sensitive and culturally-relevant communications. This service allows you to articulate your organization’s messages in a way that resonates and persuades cross-culturally.

Teaching: University-level classes (talks) and full-length semester courses in Writing (creative and expository), World literatures in English, Caribbean literature, African diaspora studies, Translation theory & practice, Spanish & Portuguese language (conversation and upper-level), and Pre-Study abroad prep courses involving independent research projects.

Master’s and Ph.D. Application Support: Assistance with writing a persuasive, compelling Statement of Purpose and Personal Statement for admissions to Master’s and Ph.D.-level programs in the U.S. (for U.S. and international candidates). I help you “translate” and share your background, training, and interests into two key documents that can make or break your application for admission and for scholarship funding.

Study Abroad Program Development: Creation and development of high-impact study abroad programs for U.S. universities and study abroad companies, specializing in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. This leaves your organization with a fully-functioning study center in a given country (space, courses, safety, network, professors, language program, and more) for short-term and semester-long programs as well.

Creative Reviews & Publicity: In English, Spanish, and Portuguese, I review businesses and organizations that directly or indirectly work with Sirocco aesthetics or cultural geographies. These writing pieces are customized to fit the needs of the organization, can be advertised to a specific, localized market, and are also posted on Yelp and TripAdvisor (in addition to the SiroccoBlue blog).

More information on me, Jacob Dyer Spiegel, can be found on the Sirocco Leadership page. To learn more about how these services fit into a concept of translation that I am working on, please check out the writing on the blog (much is related to translation as a metaphor) and a post on the Sirocco as a moving translation system.