Sirocco Blue Award | Sofia of André Hair Salon, Cambridge

Today SiroccoBlue starts an awards series to recognize excellent local business. (This is actually an extension, now more culturally focused in the Sirocco region, of the awards that I started on the Amherst Life Blog in the 5-College community and was one of the original ideas for this site when first posts involved local space rentals in Western Massachusetts). Continue reading “Sirocco Blue Award | Sofia of André Hair Salon, Cambridge”


Terence Tavares | Gift of the Journeys Series

My deep gratitude goes out to the incredibly talented local artist, Terence Tavares, who very recently gave me one of the great gifts of my lifetime: the three amazing prints that comprise the Journeys series. Continue reading “Terence Tavares | Gift of the Journeys Series”

Sirocco Blue on the Radio | Recent Interview at Boston Expo

At the recent Small Business Expo in Boston, an organization called Radio Entrepreneurs was looking for interesting stories behind creative, new, local businesses for their radio show. When I spoke to the founder and explained the Sirocco vision, he thought it would be good to do an interview with one of the hosts. Continue reading “Sirocco Blue on the Radio | Recent Interview at Boston Expo”

Albino Mbie | Cambridge Summer Music on the Charles

SiroccoBlue has been promoting musicians, dancers, and visual artists whose work aligns with what we’re calling a Sirocco aesthetic, language system, and cultural geography.

Glad to announce that – in partnership with the City of Cambridge, Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, the Magazine Beach summer programming, and the incredible work of community organizer and CNA Chair, Cathie Zusy – we secured a spot for the great local band led by Albino Mbie! Continue reading “Albino Mbie | Cambridge Summer Music on the Charles”

Summary of the Saudades Series

For those of you just joining, I will try to summarize the main points from the series on the Portuguese word, “saudade.” Though the goal was to trace the contours of this word-cultural universe that seems to be at the core of Brazilian national pride and explore the possibilities (or impossibilities) of its translation, the writing took me in unexpected directions. Continue reading “Summary of the Saudades Series”