Albino Mbie | Cambridge Summer Music on the Charles

SiroccoBlue has been promoting musicians, dancers, and visual artists whose work aligns with what we’re calling a Sirocco aesthetic, language system, and cultural geography.

Glad to announce that – in partnership with the City of Cambridge, Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, the Magazine Beach summer programming, and the incredible work of community organizer and CNA Chair, Cathie Zusy – we secured a spot for the great local band led by Albino Mbie!

Albino Mbie, of Mozambique, was featured on the SiroccoBlue Instagram page when the truly  international band hailing from Nigeria, Germany, and Italy played at Beat Hotel in Harvard Square. Shortly after, the extremely talented trumpeter Cosimo Boni performed at Berklee and that too was on the page.
Albino Mbie and his group will be playing outdoors on the Charles River (at the end of Magazine Street in Cambridge) on July 23rd between 5-7 pm. Come join us and spread the word! This is without a doubt the top local Cambridge/Boston band! The rain date is set for July 24th at the same time.
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