Sirocco Blue on the Radio | Recent Interview at Boston Expo

At the recent Small Business Expo in Boston, an organization called Radio Entrepreneurs was looking for interesting stories behind creative, new, local businesses for their radio show. When I spoke to the founder and explained the Sirocco vision, he thought it would be good to do an interview with one of the hosts. It was completely improvised, which I liked, and people were walking around the expo in Back Bay, listening to the interview:

If it is as painful to watch as I find, here is the complete interview as an audio file (the video was edited)!

I learned that I need to improve my ‘elevator pitch’ because I left out the core ‘services’: translation, translation strategy, writing support for the college admissions and scholarships, creation of study abroad programs, and promotion of local artists. There are also non-fiction and creative writing projects that I am working on (more to come on that)!

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