Terence Tavares | Gift of the Journeys Series

My deep gratitude goes out to the incredibly talented local artist, Terence Tavares, who very recently gave me one of the great gifts of my lifetime: the three amazing prints that comprise the Journeys series.

Writing about Tavares’s Journeys and the crossroads took me back to the days of the doctoral dissertation period and, with new Sirocco and translative lenses, Tavares’s work helped me re-see how those years of research and writing can be shaped into a book project. Tavares’s work is going to be part of the book and the three prints will be a great source of inspiration as I continue with the proposal. Obrigado, Terence, por um presente magnífico e que segue na linha dos seus temas: a importância de seguir a visão e de sermos generosos em tudo que fazemos. It is amazing what returning to writing has brought!

Soon, I will be sharing more on Terence Tavares’s work which may soon be heading to New Bedford (more on that to come) and his new series on clouds, wind, and oceans that the artist recently showed me. Very fitting for Sirocco Blue as the Journey continues! Força!


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