Sirocco Blue Award | Sofia of André Hair Salon, Cambridge

Today SiroccoBlue starts an awards series to recognize excellent local business. (This is actually an extension, now more culturally focused in the Sirocco region, of the awards that I started on the Amherst Life Blog in the 5-College community and was one of the original ideas for this site when first posts involved local space rentals in Western Massachusetts).

Sometimes the awards go to specific people, sometimes the awards go to the business as a whole. The first Sirocco Blue award goes to Sofia at André Hair Salon in Cambridge, Harvard Square.

Sofia is an excellent hair stylist and designer (all genders, all ages, inclusivity to the max) and, the mark of the best, she listens carefully to all of her clients. And she listens in English, French, Moroccan Arabic, Arabic, and some Spanish. Because she has worked as a stylist for more than 30 years and in many countries, her design range is as wide and open as her linguistic prowess.

This first SiroccoBlue award is an honor to give to Sofia and she can be found here:
(617) 354-5210  |  1206 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.

André Hair Salon is Open 7 days/week, 10 AM-7 PM. Walk-ins and appointments are welcome!

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