Mario Trimarchi | Artist of the Sirocco

After the Sirocco Micronation discovery—if the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco and Siroccan language exists, if it matters if it exists, if it can exist in the digital world alone and still be a Micronation—an incredibly beautiful jewelry collection by the Sicilian designer, Mario Trimarchi, was brought to my attention by a SiroccoBlue honorary reader. In fact, she is our first reader and commenter but I haven’t asked permission to use names so I’ll wait on that! Continue reading “Mario Trimarchi | Artist of the Sirocco”

A Sirocco Micronation?

Before the “Vengo” series begins, now theorized via wind, I found something that may be of interest to the growing community of SiroccoBlue readers…

When thinking of ways to describe SiroccoBlue and the translative lens that informs the writing, I was very close to calling the Sirocco a Trans-Nation: a nation of translation and also a wind system that moves across multiple nations. Yet, established on November 4th 2010, “Sirocco” actually appears to be a “Micronation”! Continue reading “A Sirocco Micronation?”

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston | First Friday Activities

A multigenerational, multicultural gathering called Caribbean Dream, at the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) in the Seaport district of Boston, drew a crowd of over 1,000 people this past Friday. Continue reading “Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston | First Friday Activities”