A Sirocco Micronation?

Before the “Vengo” series begins, now theorized via wind, I found something that may be of interest to the growing community of SiroccoBlue readers…

When thinking of ways to describe SiroccoBlue and the translative lens that informs the writing, I was very close to calling the Sirocco a Trans-Nation: a nation of translation and also a wind system that moves across multiple nations. Yet, established on November 4th 2010, “Sirocco” actually appears to be a “Micronation”!

Indeed, the Sirocco wind system has generated architectural forms, the Sirocco Rooms and Towers in Sicily and as far as Iran, and it has inspired the great legends of Flamenco.


And, at least online, it is also a Commonwealth—The Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco—located both in New Zealand and South Africa. It has a Premier, Daniel Anderson, born around this time just about 22 years ago (June 18, 1994). I am wondering if I should run for office as theoretical advisor.

Apparently, Sirocco is one of the largest “micronations” in Oceania (the name Blue, oceanic Blue, was predestined, I assume) and the largest in Africa. The founding officials have implemented their own calendar based on our world’s atomic history and system of documenting time and dates. The name of the Micronation translates as Siroka and Seruco. The language is called “Siroccan ” (the language spoken in Cambria, Havilland, and Hobson). English and Edallic are also official languages. Here, the flag (left) and coat of arms (right):

154px-Flag_of_Sirocco 104px-Sirocco_Coat_of_Arms

There is a publication called the Sirocco Times, founded in 2009. There is an Imperial Bank of Sirocco. The currency is the Sirrocan Simoleaon. Sirocco is a character in a “siroccan television series, “Micro High.”

Perhaps most interesting is that “Sirocco’s earliest roots are in the former Maran District (2002-2007). The Maran District was a fictitious territorial authority based in the mid-north area of Northland.” The micronation, as ‘real’ as it seems in the world of internet, is based in fiction. And the Commonwealth itself resembles fiction, at times.

I have to continue to look into this Micronation! Have any of you SiroccoBlue blog readers heard of this place? There is a Facebook page, as if that helps determine if it exists. Apparently they had an Eighties week celebration recently, so reports the major newspaper, The Sirocco Times.

Regardless of what I think or believe, Sirocco has declared itself a Micronation online. As I explore what a Micronation is (and please post comments here, I’m a bit out of my waters), I can’t help but think of this excellent book by Benedict Anderson (oh no, same last name as the Premier of Sirocco!):

Unknown Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 3.34.02 PM

A new community to consider?


Please “like” SiroccoBlue on Facebook and let me know what you think about this Micronation!

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