Welcome to Sirocco Blue!

This site is built around the Sirocco wind system as a metaphor for diaspora, cultural crossings of all kinds, translation, and the far-reaching, transformational capacity of international education.

Here you will find some of my writing (on the Sirocco and also on themes relating to language, translation, education), a work history, and the services that I offer to students, universities, higher learning consortia, and third-party study abroad providers… and pretty much anyone looking to translate documents and manage translation projects between English, Portuguese, and Spanish. A diverse group!

Thank you for visiting the site and please “like” the Facebook page when you have a chance! You can use the menu tabs to read versions of Sirocco Blue in Español & Português, and to learn more about the wind and my work!

For any questions, comments, or feedback that you are not comfortable posting in public, please always email me!


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