Incredible Flamenco Show in Boston!

Tomatito, one of the great Flamenco guitarists who follows in the line of Paco de Lucía and who played with Camarón de la Isla, will be performing in Boston this Sunday, Oct 30th, at 7:30 PM! With him, José Maya and a full ensemble take the stage. Continue reading “Incredible Flamenco Show in Boston!”


Grande Show de Flamenco em Boston | Domingo, Dia 30!

Compartilho com vocês, admiradores da música mais profunda do coração, notícias de um show fenomenal do enorme Tomatito! É flamenco de verdade, com José Maya na Dança e grupo completo.


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Testimonial | Study Abroad Leadership & Development

In early 2012, just after completing a Fulbright research grant in Brazil, I was hired by CIEE to assess the study abroad programs in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, identify which parts of the operation could be salvaged, and take apart and rebuild the programs. Catharine Scruggs, long-standing Executive Director of all CIEE programs and an important figure in all of CIEE’s expansion and development initiatives, recently shared some reflections on my work as Resident Director (2012-2015), the same type of services I am now offering as a freelance consultant:

“I first met Jacob Dyer Spiegel in early 2012 when I interviewed him for a Resident Director position for the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) programs in Salvador, Brazil. During his tenure as RD, Jacob impressed me because of his ability to assess program strengths and weaknesses, work with senior management to effectively re-create an international study center, build partnerships, and transform the curriculum around student-centered learning models. Continue reading “Testimonial | Study Abroad Leadership & Development”

Testimonial | Sirocco International Education Work

More testimonials on SiroccoBlue services are coming in on the LinkedIn page!

This one is from Dr. José Menezes, Dean of Graduate Studies at the Catholic University of Salvador (Universidade Católica do Salvador, UCSal), where I developed and managed the Brazilian-Portuguese language & culture program for students from roughly 300 U.S. universities heading to Brazil to develop language and intercultural skills: Continue reading “Testimonial | Sirocco International Education Work”

Testimonial | Sirocco Cross-Cultural, Multilingual Work

Some great testimonials on SiroccoBlue work are coming in!

This latest one is from Ayodeji Ogunnaike, a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University:

“When I went to Bahia for some research on Afro-Brazilian religion and asked some professors if they knew anyone who could help me with translation, Jacob’s was the first name to come up, and after meeting him, it was immediately clear why. Jacob Continue reading “Testimonial | Sirocco Cross-Cultural, Multilingual Work”

Following Gatlif’s Sirocco: Ancestral Winds & Cycles in “Vengo” (2000) | Series, Part 1

Moving between North Africa, Andalusia (the southern region of Spain), and the history of Gitano family feuds that joins the living and dead, Tony Gatlif’s film, Vengo (2000), is a narrative of multiple crossroads. In this story, water, wind, and the cyclical nature of these natural forces are guiding metaphors that illuminate Andalusia as the land where Roma (“gitano” or “gypsy”), West African, Greco-Roman, Berber, Gnawa, Catholic, Sufi, and Sephardic religious systems and cultures meet. Continue reading “Following Gatlif’s Sirocco: Ancestral Winds & Cycles in “Vengo” (2000) | Series, Part 1″

Sirocco: A Culinary Exploration

What would the food of the Sirocco look and taste like? Which flavors would emerge, which spices would be used? How does the Sirocco translate into smell and texture? Sabrina Ghayour, author of Sirocco: Fabulous Flavors From the Middle East (2016), provides some possibilities in her new cookbook. Continue reading “Sirocco: A Culinary Exploration”