Sirocco: A Culinary Exploration

What would the food of the Sirocco look and taste like? Which flavors would emerge, which spices would be used? How does the Sirocco translate into smell and texture? Sabrina Ghayour, author of Sirocco: Fabulous Flavors From the Middle East (2016), provides some possibilities in her new cookbook.

The book cover features an image of Ghayour’s Spiced Beet Yogurt and dishes like Cumin Roasted Eggplant Wedges burst with color. Though the author is not necessarily attempting to document or fasten a culinary identity to the Sirocco, she draws from its reach across such a varied cultural geography as inspiration:

The Guardian, an interview with Sophie Missing (April 17, 2016)

Join me as I continue to follow this incredible wind’s trajectory and imprint on the artistic imaginary!


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