Testimonial | Sirocco Cross-Cultural, Multilingual Work

Some great testimonials on SiroccoBlue work are coming in!

This latest one is from Ayodeji Ogunnaike, a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University:

“When I went to Bahia for some research on Afro-Brazilian religion and asked some professors if they knew anyone who could help me with translation, Jacob’s was the first name to come up, and after meeting him, it was immediately clear why. Jacob does much more than mere linguistic translation. As language cannot fully be separated from cultural context, effective translation really requires someone who has a deep and intimate understanding of both sides of the different languages and cultures in communication, and Jacob is a master of this art. Beyond providing effective translation for my dissertation research, he also gave me great insight on the issues I was researching. If you are doing work on African and African diaspora culture and religion and are looking for someone to help with translation/language help with English, Spanish, and/or Portuguese, I couldn’t recommend Jacob more highly.”

ayodeji_ogunnaike.jpgAyodeji Ogunnaike is now completing his doctoral dissertation in the Department of African and African American Studies. He is also a translator, and his Yoruba to English translations of Ifá verse and praise poetry can be found here. Muito obrigado, Deji!

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