Testimonials from Brazil

Two great testimonials from Brazil arrived! The first is based on the college essays (statement of purpose, personal statement, writing samples) that I help students develop through a draft writing process. Professor Paula Mussumeci also highly recommends the scholarship applications assistance that I’ve been giving. I do this work in the Boston Providence, and New London (CT) area, free of charge to students, and I run workshops in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. If you are interested, please find me on facebook.


Professor Sara Oliveira writes about working as a language instructor in the study abroad programs that I ran in Salvador, Brazil. She was part of the student-centered learning workshops that I held at the Federal University of Bahia and she later taught in the Braziian-Portuguese language and culture program that I developed in the Catholic University of Salvador (UCSal). The latter I developed around “city-as-text” models, always finding ways of bringing the city into the classroom. Sara comments on the excursions built around language learning and highly recommends the interactive program structure.


Muito obrigado pelos depoimentos!


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