Blue Sage Global Education!

Some new developments for the SiroccoBlue community!

SiroccoBlue started with many services, all derived from the Sirocco as a rich metaphor for cross-cultural exchange, diaspora, an enlarged concept of translation, and the ability of the arts to unearth obscured histories. Things have gotten much more simple and focused.

Blue Sage Global Education is my new study abroad development consultancy. It has one major focus: to build new study abroad programs or improve existing overseas study centers for universities and providers. The mission is to create and enhance programs and to make study abroad more inclusive. Blue Sage Global Education will soon become a non-profit. Please join the Facebook page to learn more about the mission and the “Study Abroad: A Guide for Program Developerse-book project! I will also be posting about scholarship opportunities on Facebook.

So what is going to happen to SiroccoBlue? The blog will now be dedicated to all types of creative writing & visual arts projects that involve the Sirocco, diaspora, and memory and movement between Spanish, Portuguese, and English (some short stories coming!). I’ll keep exploring Flamenco through the lens of Sirocco and I’ll continue posting the work of creative artists who invoke the wind system. Much of the writing pins on translation as a metaphor and that too will continue!

I have re-written the most widely read posts from 2016 and will soon be posting them on SiroccoBlue along with lots of new writing. And for those of you who like to see visual interpretations of transition inspired by the Sirocco, check out the Instagram page!

Thanks to all for your ongoing readership!

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