New Year of Writing

Digital Painting by Eder Muniz, part of the Blue Sage Global Education Art for Scholarships Initiative.

SiroccoBlue is going to become a kind of public notebook – a space to share (and also save!) the writing that would normally end up in those piles of yellow notebooks that now fill immense storage bins, probably with fading ink. They’re just sitting there when they could be given a more public function. 

So, here goes! 

I have a few writing projects — all of which I seem to be master of avoiding — and they’re all going to come into SiroccoBlue in note form:

A long essay on Tony Gatlif that I’ve been thinking about for many years, always trying to fit it inside of some kind of theory on “transnational boundary crossing” or translation — but maybe it just needs to be a close-reading of the film Vengo.

I get carried away with this writing, to the point that the themes and aesthetics and music from Gatlif’s film are actually the core search around the Sirocco winds and the concepts behind this very website. 2021 has to see that writing shared! 

Towards the end of my teaching and international education development work in The Bahamas, I had the opportunity to participate in a writing workshop with legendary playwright, Dr. Ian Strachan. Along with several students and a few other faculty members, one long free-write exercise led to the foundation of a play that is deeply tied to Tony Gatlif’s film “Vengo”–the main character’s name is Gatlif, actually. That play is only at Act I (I thought it was going to be a one act play but it’s definitely not…). So, that long essay and the play–two connected pieces–really must develop! 

Odd how I have to set the stage before actually sharing some of the writing and the challenges… Well, I often do this in my notebooks!

I am hoping that the new Art Gallery for Scholarships initiative that I’m starting through Blue Sage Global Education will bring creativity and an anchor to the play — the visual artists who are collaborating with me on this project are united around the themes of ancestrality, art as altar, faith embodied, orality in visual form.  

To be continued in the next @siroccoblue post! 

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