“Sirocco” by Sheryl Roberts (2014)

On a cold New England day, I came across the work of another artist of the Sirocco, Sheryl Roberts. This piece, Sirocco, captures the movement, fluidity, and complete rupture of space and time through the winds that this blog has been following since early 2016.


Rippingham Art Gallery sells of Roberts’s work (see here) and writes, “Born in 1971, Sheryl taught art in schools and colleges in Yorkshire for 15 years before becoming a full time artist working from her studio in Hyde Park. Fascinated by the mystery of the moving skies and visions of light on windswept landscapes, she aims to capture the imagination of the viewer and invite them in to this eccentric world. Her work has been much acclaimed through exhibition and sale throughout the UK.”

On Roberts’s personal webpage, her latest series is described as “directly inspired by the changing chaotic skies in imaginary lands – a place she finds mysteriously fascinating.” She continues that it is ‘ A place that evokes emotion as reflective light seems to divide light in every direction.’

“Sirocco” is the ‘place’ and moment that I have been attempting to photograph on the SiroccoBlue instagram page. I hope to one day capture light, reflection, and transition, and the seas as Sheryl Roberts has in her wind-inspired collection!

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“Kings of This Music”: From Camarón de la Isla to Pedrito Martínez

When Pedrito Martínez sings for Yemayá—as he did at the beginning of his show in Boston last week—the crossroads open: oceanic crossroads, lived crossroads, crossroads of transformation, crossroads rooted in Cayo Hueso, Havana, where Pedrito grew up, Elegguá’s crossroads where choices are made, destinies are reversed, and intention translates into meaning. A man seated in the back of Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, feeling the space change with the music, Continue reading ““Kings of This Music”: From Camarón de la Isla to Pedrito Martínez”

Stories of the Scirocco

On a recent trip to New Haven, watching so many Sicilian and Neapolitan families gather to celebrate birthdays at a local restaurant, I felt inspired to re-visit the work of Mario Trimarchi and started to re-write an earlier article on this great artist. You may recognize the photographs from before, but the writing takes on a new directions.  “Products,” and by this Trimarchi means his jewelry and drawings, “mainly tell stories. They are not just shapes.” This brief article explores pieces of those stories—stories and aspects of storytelling that Flamenco also engages, embodies, and transmits.

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Flamenco for the Future | Stories & the Arts in Troubled Times

Flamenco is a music and dance of resiliency and protest. It has been, at times, an urgent call to gather and unify in the face of systematic oppression and genocide. At the height of its expression and expressivity, Flamenco endured (and continues to endure) the same rise of fascism that the world is currently moving towards.

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Tomatito: Legend of Time | Concert Review

Led by legendary Flamenco guitarist, José Fernández Torres (known around the world as “Tomatito”), and accompanied by his son (José Fernández “Tomatito Hijo”), a royal Roma lineage tore through Boston’s Berklee Performace Center on Sunday night.

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Mario Trimarchi | Artist of the Sirocco

After the Sirocco Micronation discovery—if the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco and Siroccan language exists, if it matters if it exists, if it can exist in the digital world alone and still be a Micronation—an incredibly beautiful jewelry collection by the Sicilian designer, Mario Trimarchi, was brought to my attention by a SiroccoBlue honorary reader. In fact, she is our first reader and commenter but I haven’t asked permission to use names so I’ll wait on that! Continue reading “Mario Trimarchi | Artist of the Sirocco”

A Sirocco Micronation?

Before the “Vengo” series begins, now theorized via wind, I found something that may be of interest to the growing community of SiroccoBlue readers…

When thinking of ways to describe SiroccoBlue and the translative lens that informs the writing, I was very close to calling the Sirocco a Trans-Nation: a nation of translation and also a wind system that moves across multiple nations. Yet, established on November 4th 2010, “Sirocco” actually appears to be a “Micronation”! Continue reading “A Sirocco Micronation?”

Terence Tavares | Gift of the Journeys Series

My deep gratitude goes out to the incredibly talented local artist, Terence Tavares, who very recently gave me one of the great gifts of my lifetime: the three amazing prints that comprise the Journeys series. Continue reading “Terence Tavares | Gift of the Journeys Series”

Albino Mbie | Cambridge Summer Music on the Charles

SiroccoBlue has been promoting musicians, dancers, and visual artists whose work aligns with what we’re calling a Sirocco aesthetic, language system, and cultural geography.

Glad to announce that – in partnership with the City of Cambridge, Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, the Magazine Beach summer programming, and the incredible work of community organizer and CNA Chair, Cathie Zusy – we secured a spot for the great local band led by Albino Mbie! Continue reading “Albino Mbie | Cambridge Summer Music on the Charles”

Journey into the Crossroads | Terence Tavares (third of three articles)

At a recent Massachusetts Alliance for Portuguese speakers event, I came across the work of Terence Tavares, a brilliant young artist from Roxbury whose three-piece series called “Journeys” called loud and direct from the crossroads.

In the first article, I wrote about Tavares’s illustration of three core stages of journey, themes that mirror other epic journeys through the crossroads. In the second article, I covered Tavares’s artistic influences, the theme of the crossroads and his multi-limbed traveling figure, and the importance that Tavares sees in giving back to the community. In this final article (‘final’ for now, that is, as I’m sure there will be more to share on this extremely talented artist), I want to include some aspects of Tavares’s artistic process which, to me, is a process that involves departures from multiple media and is a process that involves the translative.

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