Scholarships & Grants for “Minorities”

“Minorities” is a misnomer and I put it in quotes for that reason. The world’s true minority is, without a doubt, “white” (however that is defined). Continue reading “Scholarships & Grants for “Minorities””

Scholarship Opportunities for College

One of the Sirocco Blue readers sent a list of new scholarship opportunities. Continue reading “Scholarship Opportunities for College”

a GREAT international program and scholarship site

Back to school means less time to post good leads for all of you trying to study abroad or get funding to do research abroad. But… I did find a really good site that offers QUALITY links and information @ the University of Michigan:

If you know of any good programs or scholarships/grants, feel free to post a comment. There is a lot of $ out there for study abroad/work abroad/volunteer abroad/research abroad. It is just a mater of finding it and applying. Most deadlines for Fall/Spring, 2008-9 are between now and 3/1/08…

For all you travelers…

Here is a link to a writing contest for those of you who have “studied abroad”… You can win $500 and enrich our lives with your recollections. (please send your essays to too! I’ll post them up even if you don’t win!)

Here’s the link:

More Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in Granada

The following are for UMass-Amherst students only: that means you have a better chance of getting one. (Courtessey of UMass IPO program).

IPO Financial Assistance Awards: Fall, Spring, Year Abroad [PDF]
Eligibility: In-state Umass Amherst undergraduatesUmass programs onlyDeadline: April 21 for Fall/Year 2007-08; December 1 for Spring 2008Award: Up to $2000 per student

SIT/UMass Amherst Scholarships
The School for International Training is providing up to ten (10) $1500 scholarships to qualified in-state University of Massachusetts undergraduates. Umass students are automatically eligible when applying to an SIT program.; In addition, all UMass students are encouraged to apply for additional scholarships offered by SIT. For more information, visit SITEligibility: In-state UMass Amherst undergraduatesSIT programs onlyDeadline: May 1 for Fall 2007; Nov 1 for Spring 2008Award: $1500 (5 awarded each semester)

Barbara B. Burn Scholarship for Fall [PDF]
Eligibility: In-state Umass Amherst undergraduatesDeadline: April 15 for FallAward: $750 (1 scholarship per year for study abroad)

Ansin Study Abroad Fellowship Award
Affiliated with the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences. Deadlines: Dec. 1 (spring); April 15 (summer or fall). Applications available through: Karen Schoenberger, Assistant Dean, South College (413-545-4173).

International Scholars Program (ISP)
Affiliated with Commonwealth College, 504 Goodell. Applications for ISP program must be submitted by March 9 of the freshman year.

Citizen Scholars Program (CSP)
Affiliated with the Commonwealth College, 504 Goodell. Some scholarships may be available specific to service learning and study abroad.

Sarah’s Wish Foundation
Specialized scholarship available for UMass student in the Pioneer Valley, in memory of Sara Schewe and Dr. Barbara Burn. Deadlines: Dec 1 for spring; April 1 for summer/fall.

Departmentally-based awards
Many departments have internal scholarships available for eligible students. Ask about potential scholarships or funding that could be applied to a study abroad experience.

Region XI: Study Abroad Scholarship
Qualification: Undergraduate or graduate MA residentAward: $700 for summer, semester or year program in 2007-2008Requirements: an official transcript; letter of reference from department chair of major on original college letterhead; personal statement of no more than 500 words addressing: “What I hope to gain from this experience”; completion of the one-page application.Direct questions to Marta DiBenedettoDeadline: March 1, 2007

Graduate Fellowships and Grants

Courtessy of UMass-Amherst’s GSGS page:

Ford Foundation – Predoctoral Fellowships for Minorities. The $21,500 fellowships are awarded to individual minority students who demonstrate superior scholarship and show greatest promise for future achievement as scholars, researchers, and teachers in institutions of higher education. November deadline.

American Sociological Association – Minority Fellowship Program. An annual stipend of $14,688 for up to three years for minority graduate students in the early stages of sociology graduate programs with emphasis on mental health issues and research. December deadline.

Dartmouth College – Thurgood Marshall Dissertation Fellowship. This fellowship provides $25,000 to African-American doctoral candidates from any discipline taught in the Dartmouth Undergraduate Arts and Sciences curriculum and who are planning a career in college or university teaching. February deadline. For more information: e-mail Ms. Dorothea French, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies at:

United Negro College Fund & Merck Foundation Science Initiative – Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowships. $30,000 fellowships to assist African-American graduate students in completing coursework, conducting research, and preparing the dissertation for the doctoral degree in the life or physical sciences. January deadline.

Academy for Educational Development and National Security Exchange Program – Graduate International Fellowships. Up to $10,000 per semester to support the study of languages, cultures, and world regions that are critical to U.S. national security, but which are less frequently studied by U.S. graduate students. January deadline.

American Councils for International Education – Combined Research and Training. This $12,000 award is for graduate students interested in studying and conducting research in the humanities or the social sciences in Russia or the former Soviet Republics. April deadline. For more information consult the web site at:

Belgian American Educational Foundation – Graduate Fellowships for Study in Belgium. $17,000 fellowships for study at a Belgian university for the 2002 to 2003 academic year. January deadline.

The Camargo Fellowship – Camargo Fellowship Grant. Graduate students in art, music, and writing who are interested in using the foundation’s collections in Cassis, France, and who are studying some aspect of French and francophone cultures are encouraged to apply. February deadline. For more information call Ms. Sheryl Mousley at the American headquarters office in St. Paul, MN at (651) 290-2237 .

Council of American Overseas Research Centers – Fellowships for Advanced Multi-Country Research. Eight fellowships of $9,000 will be awarded to U.S. doctoral candidates who wish to carry out fieldwork in the Near and Middle East or South Asia to research broad questions in the fields of humanities, social sciences, and related natural sciences. December deadline.

French Embassy – Chateaubriand Fellowships. $10,500 fellowships for more than 25 American graduate students to conduct research (in a variety of fields) in French laboratories for six to twelve month periods. December deadline.
Institute of International Education – Fulbright Full Grants. Provides funds for one year of graduate student study or research in a country outside the U.S. Awards include round-trip transportation, language courses, tuition, living allowances, and health insurance. October deadline.

Kobe College Corporation – Cross Cultural Institute Graduate Fellowship Program. $24,000 fellowships to support American graduate students for one year of research or study in Japan. January deadline.

U.S. Department of Education – Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Program. $10,000-$70,000 awards to Ph.D students to conduct research in the following geographic areas: Africa, East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, South Asia, the Near East, East Central Europe and Eurasia, and the Western Hemisphere (Canada, Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean). Projects focused on Western Europe are not eligible. October deadline.

Academy of American Poets – Walt Whitman Award. Established in 1975 to encourage the work of emerging poets, the Whitman Award offers a first-book publication to an emerging poet, a cash prize of $5,000, and a one-month residency at the Vermont Studio Center. November deadline.

Humanities Fellowships at the New York Public Library. Fellows receive a stipend of $50,000 and a housing allowance. Open to scholars, researchers, scientists engaged in the humanities, and creative writers whose proposed subjects will benefit directly from access to the collections at the library’s Center for the Humanities. October deadline.

Institute for Humane Studies – Film and Fiction Scholarship Competition. $10,000 awards from George Mason University for students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in filmmaking, fiction writing, or playwriting. January deadline.

U.S. Department of Education – Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program. $11,000- $25,000 fellowships to eligible students of superior ability, financial need, and exceptional promise to undertake graduate study leading to an advanced degree in the arts, humanities, or social sciences. November deadline.

College Scholarships Grants

Here is a list of links to scholarship opportunities for students. We highly recommend visiting your local Foundation Center (the first link below) — they will give you a brief training session on how to look for funding for college, and you can use their extensive database to find the best matches for your academic interests. If the Foundation Center does not have a branch near you, a local public library may allow you to access the Center’s online database. If you have any questions, feel free to post them and someone will respond.